Established in 1937, Steamburg has a long-standing history of providing a constant supply of excellent quality milk to local milk plants and processors. Currently, Steamburg Co-op. milk is marketed through several different processing facilities, allowing for a variety of options and ensuring a dependable market for our milk.

Steamburg Milk Producers Cooperative, Inc. is a farmer owned milk marketing organization comprised of high quality dairy farms located in Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania.
Steamburg Co-op. dairy farms focus on quality and take pride in our ability to produce good wholesome milk. All members of the co-op share equally in the rewards and benefits of membership. Members do not pay co-op dues, there is no deduction for equity from milk checks, and all profits of the organization are returned to members in the form of a thirteenth check. Steamburg Co-op. members are paid Federal Order 33 pricing, which makes Steamburg very competitive. Members enjoy the benefits of a dedicated field staff, access to lab results via the internet or a toll-free phone number, and a manager and board of directors who are all co-op members themselves and have a genuine interest in the continued success of the co-op and its individual members.

Steamburg Milk Producers Cooperative, Inc. is always interested in accepting new members. If you would like more information or are thinking of becoming a member, please contact Manager Gordon Smith at 716-713-9044, or Field Representative Emily Nichols at 716-397-4560.